How-to Measure

If you have any questions about measuring, please feel free to contact us.  We will answer any question you have to the best of our ability.

Please read this page to familiarize yourself with proper body measurement procedures.  We strive for 100% satisfaction on all orders and that begins by you giving us accurate measurements when needed.  Measuring is easier and more accurately done if you are measured by someone else.

It is best practice to always use a cloth measuring tape and please do not rely on labels on clothing or measure a piece of clothing instead of using a body measurement.

Don’t ‘pad’ the measurement or self adjust it’s findings, this is especially true in children, please don’t add to the measurement for growth. It will only fit 6 months from now instead of now (maybe).  We really do need an accurate measurement for properly fitted clothing.

labeled measurements

labeled measurements

Additional explanations:

Sleeve:  From the center of the neck to the wrist.  Make sure to keep the arm slightly bent as shown here and measure following the back of the arm and elbow.




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