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Custom made breeches, trousers, and ruffle shirts back online

Today’s meeting resulted in the immediate re-availability of custom order breeches, trousers, and ruffle shirts.  I have included the mercantile category on this page below for easy finding.

At this time, our only available in stock materials for the linen breeches are Natural Flax, and Ginger.  If you wish to order a color other than one of these two please send us a contact form letter and the desired color you are looking for.  If the color you want is still available to us we will create a custom order listing for you, and after you have confirmed the order, we will order the color (no additional cost to you) and create your breeches for you. For these extra order materials, please allow up to an additional 2 weeks for the order to be completed and shipped to you.

Thank you

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